Friday, October 8, 2010

My Kid is Growing up Kinda Awesome....

So, flash back to Feb, 09… Mean ass momma makes E start taking guitar lessons. A year and change of great tribulation, wailing and gnashing of teeth later, the child has not only started liking his lessons, he has started practicing without nagging. And tonight? Well… Momma is sooooooo proud! E asked me to help him make up a song. He just wanted me to type it up for him and email it to his guitar teacher, Ivas… he totally had the lyrics running around all in his own mental mind! I hope he learns to love poetry the way I do! I don’t think it’s bad at all for a 7 y/o.
E’s song:
Winds blow
Rivers flow
Kites go
And I know
It will be a good day
Because I say
I am happy today.
When I see
sunlight shine
It is a very bright day
And I say
I am happy today.
Because it is a beautiful day

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For my friend

Some stuff just needs sayin’ but….

Sometimes, you see someone struggling with life, and you desperately want to do something to help. Only, you don’t quite know where to begin the dialogue. So this is just something I need to say, and if it fits you, know that I care and I’m here.
I don’t know if my help is wanted, and I really don’t want to get all up in anyone’s business uninvited. So I watch you wading through chest deep water, against the current, carrying a bundle of worries and problems. I know you hafta be exhausted, or pretty damn close to it. But sometimes, you hafta wade a while, and struggle a while to understand the true nature of the bundle, and what is at the heart of it. I get that. Eventually, you gotta get out of that water or you might drown, though. So, when and if you need a boat, I have one, and there’s room in it for you, friend. You’ve helped me out more than once, and more than you can really know. I owe you. I would consider it a privilege to share my boat with you.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

a whole month?'s been that long since my last visit to the attic...

Things are in the works...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Revisiting My Favorites

Since school started this semester... and again, let me state, real friends would have talked me out of summer classes. I need more people. Anyhow, since classes started, my blog babies have taken a back seat. Well, today I did some sprucing up, but I haven't got anything new that I'm ready to post yet, so I'm gonna repost my favorite pieces, and see if I can't get a guest poet or two to make some cameos.

I hope you all like this one as much as I do...

Road Trip With Erykah
Shifting into drive, and rollin' out
Miles stretching out before me like a promise.
My travelling companions on the pre-dawn highway...
my over-taxed,
And Erykah's voice.

The sun rises to my left and
waves away the dusky purple shadow
of night's last sigh.
"Honayyyyyy...... you're soooo sweet"
the lyric coincides with the gilding of a new day.

Note by note and mile by mile
driving the pain away,
leaving Thought along the road,
let that raggedy hitch hiker fend for herself.

Lyrics, fluid from my speakers,
flood my mind.
Rising like the tide
to wash away the memories
and burdens.
In this solitude with Erykah's voice,
I am finding a small, quiet place.
It is mine.

And the miles roll on under my tires.
I am farther from home,
closer to where I am going,
and not wanting to get there.
Yearning for the journey,
not the destination.
It is mine.

Like silk ribbon through slack fingers,
the notes slip through my brain.
Caressing away the tense expectation
of resistance yet to come.
For now, the music says,
let this be enough.
Let go.


Let this ride last a little longer,
safe and alone in my capsule of sound,
wheels turning...
and delivering me away....
Even if it is temporary,
it will be enough,
it is mine.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bubble-bath Music...

Okay, you know how sometimes you have those absurdly stressful patches in life, but somehow, the right song can simply make it better?  It doesn't fix anything really.  It just melts something away.  Opens a passage way for some positivity to work its way in through the cracks.

No?  Just me, huh?  I don't believe that for a hot second.  

Well, I'm pretty sure there isn't much in the world that Sade and Calgon can't fix.  Sade, take me away!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is something I originally wrote and posted for the Blog Poetry Slam on Black Woman Lost and Found, NaturallyAlise's spot... but I liked it so I reposted it here.  I know... Lazy azz, copy n paste post.  You'll live!  I'm working on some stuff.  It's just been nuts around here lately!

The topic was Revolution.  I played with the concept.  Kinda thinking about how so many times, revolutions end up bringing you back to where you started from.  Make you question what you were rebelling against, or turning away from... If you like, leave your own take on the topic in the comments!

Revolutions around a center point, 
constant turnings, and flight. 
Planets running elipses, 
trying to escape gravity 
before being pulled back into line. 
That's what it's all about, you know. 

The movement of the planets, 
revolutions around a sun, 
repeating the attempts 
to move out of an orbit, 
escape the current path, 
reaching the apogee 
running out of energy 
and being pulled back in 

to orbit. 

The universe is a disciplinarian, 
and says stay in your lane. 
Revolution sounds real good, 
but in the end, 
it all comes back around, 
and the path is the same.

Friday, May 7, 2010

NaturallyAlise... is 11 years, 1 day younger than me...

...which means, of course, today is the 10th Anniversary of her 21st BornDay!!

So everyone go check out her blog and drop a few lines of poetry in the comments!!  In the meantime, check out her latest poem.  You can find Alise here and here!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

getting stung

Anger buzzes in my head and belly
like a hive of disturbed bees.
I see the disparity of effort
and you getting more out of this than me.

For now, I still care enough to meddle
and stir up those bees 
by pointing out the inequity.
You don't have to worry yet that I will leave.

I'm still invested, still connected, 
still trying to prove that I matter.
I'm still protecting comb and honey and Queen,
with this anger buzzing inside of me.

Angry bees swarming to make a stand, here I am.
Buzzing and diving in my zig zag flight
to get your attention, make you hear me
Flying and buzzing until I tire.

My protest continues, attempts to protect,
attempts just to be heard and seen.
Exhausted, I can no longer fly, only buzz my wings.
My last stand, my final warning.

I want so much to continue,
I struggle against the futility
Too weary, my wings grow still and silent.
And yet, I know you fail to see.

The danger is not in the buzzing,
the anger is a sign of life.
The buzzing is only your warning.
Occurring only when the anger starts.

Fear that moment of silence.
The silence portends decision.
Dread the moment when the air goes flat.
What follows is resignation.

While I still care enough to buzz
to protect my hive and home
there is time to avoid the silence.
Damage can be undone.

But that silence of decision,
it's the harbinger of finality.
Because it means I don't care anymore.
Pushed past anger to apathy.

Then the hive is silent and empty.
No sweetness left in its chambers.
The swarm has taken the Queen and gone.
Leaving only the shell of the comb.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check out the widget---->>>

Give a listen to my girl NaturallyAlise and check out her page on ReverbNation.  Why? Coz I said so, that's why!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yelling into an Empty Canyon

This one kinda just stumbled into being after a short gchat with Alise.  The gist of the chat and the poem to follow is that except for my young friend, Susanne, I don't have a lot of contact IRL with other poets.  I put my work on this blog, and occasionally share on Alise's blog, but sometimes, it just feels like I'm yelling into an empty canyon...

I stand here looking at a vast horizon,
flat plains of nothing behind me,
the view uninterrupted and vague.
I turn to greet the vista before me,
green and gold and brown,
blue streams and skies, inviting me.
I want to be there.
Where lyrics ride warm breezes.
Where imagery hangs around me,
like Spanish moss on old trees.
I want to share the phrases that
tumble and flow in those streams.
I look into the valley of this canyon,
and for all that I see,
there is no one around.
I look back on the plains,
and see no one,
not one kindred soul,
who speaks the language of poetry.
I call into the canyon,
Can anybody hear me?
Is there anybody there?
I think I see figures moving
far on the other side,
but they don't hear me.
They don't know I long to share,
the melody of horizons
the harmony of crystal skies,
the phrases and words
that sing pictures of what I see.
They don't know I'm here.
So faintly, I hear them,
singing their own prose,
chanting their poetry,
creating their pictures with words.
Or do I just think I hear,
because I want it to be true?
And so I stand alone,
on the edge of this empty canyon
making worlds out of words,
longing for companions in a poem.
I won't give up the pilgrimage.
I will continue to cry out.
I'll keep yelling into that empty canyon,
until the day dawns,
when a kindred soul yells back.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Tunes playing while we drive
Children laughing at play
Conversation with those close to our hearts
This is the soundtrack to my life

Mingled voices over spades and dominoes
Whispered strategey and loud protest
Spoons and spatulas against pots and pans
Clink of ice in glasses

Breezes blowing wind chimes
The radio in the back yard
Greetings and farewells as people come and go
This is the sweetest symphony of all.

It is the music of family
It is the melody of love

Friday, April 2, 2010

April is National Poetry Month.... but...

How ya doin? April is National Poetry Month.  I love poetry.  Obviously.  But I'm not posting a poem today.
Some friends and fellow poets are planning to celebrate NPM by writing a poem everyday.  I would love to say that I am going to do that, but I don't want to commit to something I know I can't produce.  Because that would be lying, and I don't wanna do that.  I'm not even gonna say I'm gonna post everyday... same reason.

I have never been able to "force" myself to write.  I do try to discipline myself to write.  One reason I love sonnets and haiku.... rules.  Yeah, that's right... some poetry has rules, standards.  Free verse is awesome and organic and powerful in that it finds its form in the flow somehow magically, naturally, seemingly of its own volition.  But when I get blocked, or when life takes me out of "poetic thinking" into reality and stress for too long, the more disciplined forms of poetry help me get going again.  I sometimes make up my own rules for the form and structure of a poem, and adhere to them in order to get my brain to shift from practical to creative.

Don't get me wrong, I feel like all of my better poetry is free verse.  But there is room in this world for all kinds of poetic expression.  I'd love to hear what you think about poetry in all of its wonderful, diverse glory!

P.S. Get the symbolism of the image I chose?  The structure of the mountains in the background transitioning into the free flowing green of the grass in the foreground..... yeah, I thought I was pretty clever, too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

word play

poignant progression
common destination
personal confusion
incomplete communication
uncertain expectation
peripheral distractions
unrealized satisfaction
incredible frustration
recognizable illusions
unacknowledged delusions
deliberate resolution
intense manipulation
weary contemplation
inevitable conclusion 

going mad

madness all around me
no rhythm to the cacophony
words have lost their meaning
the world has lost its cadence
all is life without the flow
bumping and jarring
crashing and banging
tossed and tumbled 
lost and alone

struggling for sense of self
needing it all to stop
looking for a foothold
finding only crumbling rock
wet with the tears of ages
no solid ground
no firm foundation
no secure landing

all is change
the familiar ripped away
no neat and tidy ending
no resolution nearing
uncertainty will have its reign
confusion will celebrate its day
i am all that remains the same
yet i too will be changed
going mad but staying sane

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Still here...

I apologize for my neglect... again.  It's been a time of change and transition in Amyland lately.  Unfortunately, when I find myself with too much stuff to do and not enough day to do it, what suffers first is my writing.  Mostly because this isn't how I make my living...

It is, however, how I keep my sanity, so needless to say, I will be back in the swing very soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Have you ever....

Have you ever felt the emptiness?
The sting of suppressed tears, 
clouding your vision, 
making the world swim before your eyes?
An ache of loneliness and longing...
and you don't quite know the source?
A restlessness that comes from nowhere?
Near panic, but at what?
Have you ever felt the break coming...
powerless to make it stop,
praying that you can find 
a place away from prying eyes
to fall apart?
Have you ever been so close to the edge
that you feel vertigo's pull?
Tried to balance and back away
before the fall?
Wished desperately for someone,
to hold you
and help you
hold it together?
And wept to find yourself alone?
Have you ever?

....yeah, well, neither have I.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Work in progress....

Ok, so normally I don't post unless I have a finished piece.... but I'm feeling somekinda way.  And I wrote this on the fly... seriously, my poet friends/poetically inclined friends, leave a comment... help me pull the rest of this out of my gut so my stomach will stop aching.... Peace and Love!

I feel a pressure to be unshakable
an expectation to be unmoved
an assumption that I am indestructible 
a theory as yet unproved 

Inside I feel the weakening
I hear the wind blow through the cracks
there is creaking throughout my structure
I'd fall apart if I relaxed.

Like a false front on a building
I try not to show the wear
But my soul is silently shrieking
and collapse is what I fear.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I tried playing with some Haiku...
Several Haiku as a matter of fact, to create a longer poem.
Let me know what you think.

It's an old debate
with no clear answer to it.
Which one wins the fight?

Unstoppable force?
Or Immovable object?
Physics is a bitch.

You, unstoppable.
Never in one place for long,
barely slowing down.

I, immovable,
never far from home for long, 
need familiar ground.

Your force compelling,
my gravity is quite strong.
Neither can prevail.

See, it is win/win
if we throw out the rule book.
Physics, go to hell.

Welcome, Collision!
Our friction makes the best sparks...
MY Big Bang Theory!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello Again

I have some stuff I have been working on.... not quite ready for posting, but I think a few more tweaks, and it will be.  I appreciate everyone who stops by and rummages around in here.  Something will be up by Saturday.

Peace to you all and be blessed!


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