Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For my friend

Some stuff just needs sayin’ but….

Sometimes, you see someone struggling with life, and you desperately want to do something to help. Only, you don’t quite know where to begin the dialogue. So this is just something I need to say, and if it fits you, know that I care and I’m here.
I don’t know if my help is wanted, and I really don’t want to get all up in anyone’s business uninvited. So I watch you wading through chest deep water, against the current, carrying a bundle of worries and problems. I know you hafta be exhausted, or pretty damn close to it. But sometimes, you hafta wade a while, and struggle a while to understand the true nature of the bundle, and what is at the heart of it. I get that. Eventually, you gotta get out of that water or you might drown, though. So, when and if you need a boat, I have one, and there’s room in it for you, friend. You’ve helped me out more than once, and more than you can really know. I owe you. I would consider it a privilege to share my boat with you.


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