Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just passing through...

I stay on a see-saw with my blogs. I try not to neglect one while giving attention to the other. It's a tough balancing act... almost like parenting more than one child. (Lucky for me I only have one, coz I'm obviously not very good at the balance thing).

Anyway, I am working on some pieces for the Attic, but nothing I'm ready to turn loose of yet.

The real point of this post, aside from giving the ol' place its fair share of attention is to share something I just discovered. Remember my guest poet, Susanne? Well, guess who finally took the leap into the blogosphere!!

You guessed it!! I can't tell you how excited I am about it!!

Do me a favor, check her out. She's a young lady with an old soul... kinda like Ms. Verbfashion!

Her eCrib is Beauty from Ashes. She's posting some fiyah! Help me welcome her to the world of Poetry Blogging, won't ya?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Acceptance is all that I ask,
and the best gift I have to give.

It is the air that I breathe
and food to my spirit,
the freedom to be who I am,
the liberty to live
without pretending.

I have come too far,
and lived too long,
and I am too tired
to play make believe,
for anyone.

I don't have the reserves any more.

Don't ask me
to put on a costume,
don a mask,
act in a play
just to provide you a comfort zone.

If who I am makes you uncomfortable,
I apologize,
but I will not change.
I will not lie.
I will not make believe.

This is who I am.
Accept me,
and I will give you acceptance
in kind.

I will love you
for your flaws.
I will find humor
in your quirks,
and humility
in your triumphs.

When you are weak,
I will help you to stand.
When you are silent,
I will listen to what you leave unsaid.
When you are pensive,
I will respect your mind.

And I promise...

I will not force you
to play a role,
pretend a life,
invent a persona
more palatable to me.

I will accept you for who you are,
by loving you as who I am.
For this, my best gift,
Acceptance is all I ask.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Missing you Haiku

Home's where the heart is?
Then my heart is on the road.
He soon will return.


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