Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plagiarizing myself...

Sometimes, I really don't know what I'd do without Alise and her blog. I know y'all probably sick of hearing about it, but I really do owe that woman a debt of gratitude...
My creative side, the love-to-write-wanna-be-a-poet side of myself had sat dormant for so long, I had begun to forget that side of me ever existed.

Anyhoo... enuf of the "I stan for NaturallyAlise" stuff. Here are two pieces I originally wrote for her blog poetry slam. She comes up with the best writing prompts!

The first prompt is "I miss you."

In your absence
I am observant
of that sacred space
Reserved for your presence.

There is no inticement,
Nothing sufficient
to cause a violation,
to motivate migration.

Because with you not here,
there's nothing for me
on your side of the bed.

The prompt for this piece was "parts of speech."

We were past tense
and again are present tense
will we be future tense
or past perfect, is yet to be seen.

Your past participle
predicates my future perfectly,
but I don't want to split my infinitives
as I wait out the verb that's also a noun
and look to infinite possibilities.

Hope you like these little offerings!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Composed at a moment of realization and clarity. Maybe not the most "poetic" thing I've ever written, but it's honest at least!

I'm sick
of them!
Sick to the point of fallin out
of them!!
Ready to have it out
with them!
Just absolutely unquestioningly
tired of them!

To hell with them!
Fuck them
and their opinions,
and their misconceptions,
and their perceptions,
and their good intentions,
and their questions,
and their preconceived notions,
and all of that!

Who are they anyway?
You tell me
what they have to say
to you
about me
and the way
I choose
to live
my life.

You keep me
in the loop,
in the know....

I see.
It's not them
judging me.

Fuck YOU!

road trip with erykah

I've been working on this poem for a little while now, and was having trouble with it after the second stanza. So, I did what you have probably come to expect of me, and I ran it past Alise... my poetry guru. *waves to Alise*

Her words of wisdom were let it find the flow, and the rest would ride its own wave in... and tonight, it did.

Check out Alise's blog coz she's the business!

Road Trip With Erykah

Shifting into drive, and rollin' out
Miles stretching out before me like a promise.
My travelling companions on the pre-dawn highway...
my over-taxed,
And Erykah's voice.

The sun rises to my left and
waves away the dusky purple shadow
of night's last sigh.
"Honayyyyyy...... you're soooo sweet"
the lyric coincides with the gilding of a new day.

Note by note and mile by mile
driving the pain away,
leaving Thought along the road,
let that raggedy hitch hiker fend for herself.

Lyrics, fluid from my speakers,
flood my mind.
Rising like the tide
to wash away the memories
and burdens.
In this solitude with Erykah's voice,
I am finding a small, quiet place.
It is mine.

And the miles roll on under my tires.
I am farther from home,
closer to where I am going,
and not wanting to get there.
Yearning for the journey,
not the destination.
It is mine.

Like silk ribbon through slack fingers,
the notes slip through my brain.
Caressing away the tense expectation
of resistance yet to come.
For now, the music says,
let this be enough.
Let go.


Let this ride last a little longer,
safe and alone in my capsule of sound,
wheels turning...
and delivering me away....
Even if it is temporary,
it will be enough,
it is mine.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

before and after times

This is something I worked on today and wasn't sure if I was ready to post. But after I ran it past Alise n got a little feedback, I decided what the hell...

Now, baby, you know I'm into you.
And there's not a thing wrong with it
when intimacy and physical are in union.
In other words, Love, the sex is that shit...


yes, there's a but...

That's not what I crave.
It ain't sex that makes me sleepless
for days and days,
causes me to be distracted,
althought I am attracted
to your package
and your performance don't ever make me mad...

What really makes me hold on
steal one last embrace before you go on
your way, and about your day,
is the before and after time.

It's in the way you look at me with knowing,
and your intentions show in
your eyes.

The touches as we pass in the kitchen,
and in "Baby can you scratch my back?"
When "we" is more than you and I.

And it resides in the warmth of the bed when,
bodies touching and spent,
you stroke my face and arms,
shoulders and back and thighs,
hands visiting the soft places
in the small of my back
and the nape of my neck.

Quiet voices, bedroom voices in flickering light.
Small talk, and "I love you"
and the tv reflecting in your eyes...
and your eyes on me.
"Can't I just look at you, baby?"

And you do.
Until sleep takes us both into the night.

It's this,
the before and after time.
No, don't get me wrong, man.
Your sex... is more than just alright.
But the lovemaking!
That happens in the before and after time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

But maybe I over think things....

I have to roll things around in my mind...
Like a snowball in reverse
melting away the extraneous
the extra layers on the outside
to get to what's on the inside,
at the center of things.

I have to peel back the layers of wrapping
pull off the ribbons and
discard the packaging
get to the plain truth
of what's inside the box
at the heart of things.

I find it takes some time
to discover what I really feel
to find the core
the central truth
the source.

I don't always know what I think
caught in torrents of feeling and impulse
and I don't want to proceed
until I'm sure of my course.

my mind is a busy place to be
with all the analytical activites
but always,
it's good to get to the root cause.


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