Friday, June 25, 2010

Revisiting My Favorites

Since school started this semester... and again, let me state, real friends would have talked me out of summer classes. I need more people. Anyhow, since classes started, my blog babies have taken a back seat. Well, today I did some sprucing up, but I haven't got anything new that I'm ready to post yet, so I'm gonna repost my favorite pieces, and see if I can't get a guest poet or two to make some cameos.

I hope you all like this one as much as I do...

Road Trip With Erykah
Shifting into drive, and rollin' out
Miles stretching out before me like a promise.
My travelling companions on the pre-dawn highway...
my over-taxed,
And Erykah's voice.

The sun rises to my left and
waves away the dusky purple shadow
of night's last sigh.
"Honayyyyyy...... you're soooo sweet"
the lyric coincides with the gilding of a new day.

Note by note and mile by mile
driving the pain away,
leaving Thought along the road,
let that raggedy hitch hiker fend for herself.

Lyrics, fluid from my speakers,
flood my mind.
Rising like the tide
to wash away the memories
and burdens.
In this solitude with Erykah's voice,
I am finding a small, quiet place.
It is mine.

And the miles roll on under my tires.
I am farther from home,
closer to where I am going,
and not wanting to get there.
Yearning for the journey,
not the destination.
It is mine.

Like silk ribbon through slack fingers,
the notes slip through my brain.
Caressing away the tense expectation
of resistance yet to come.
For now, the music says,
let this be enough.
Let go.


Let this ride last a little longer,
safe and alone in my capsule of sound,
wheels turning...
and delivering me away....
Even if it is temporary,
it will be enough,
it is mine.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bubble-bath Music...

Okay, you know how sometimes you have those absurdly stressful patches in life, but somehow, the right song can simply make it better?  It doesn't fix anything really.  It just melts something away.  Opens a passage way for some positivity to work its way in through the cracks.

No?  Just me, huh?  I don't believe that for a hot second.  

Well, I'm pretty sure there isn't much in the world that Sade and Calgon can't fix.  Sade, take me away!


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