Monday, November 30, 2009

Double Standards

Unquestioningly I expect,
and would be offended
if I didn't get,
your absolute belief
in what I tell you.
When I say how I feel,
you should see truth.

No doubts, no reservations
or misgivings.
Absolute confidence,
absolute certainty.
I expect nothing less
when I lay myself on the line...
open my life's book
to the chapter of my heart.

And on my part,
I find,
much to my own disappointment,
that I do not return the favor
in kind.

I am the place where "I love you"
meets the arched eyebrow,
and "I miss you"
encounters "Oh yeah??"

I am the contradictory ground
where saying what I mean
meets skepticism
of what I hear,
failing to believe.

And I know it sounds cliche,
but I'm gonna say it anyway,
it's all me,
and not you.

There's no reason for disbelief
based upon reality...
but in my mind,
dangerous ground.

That's the place
where the arguments thrive,
between myself and I.
Where, "I love you,"
meets "right....why?"
Where, "I only wanna be with you,"
meets "Until something better comes along."
Where "You're beautiful,"
and "He's full of it,"
battle it out for days.
And days
and days....

I'm careful, though,
not to let it show
on the outside.
Regardless of the battle
raging on the inside,
I bluff.

Conceal the doubt,
and insecurity.
I am covert in the questions
plaguing me.
Allow nothing to show.
A confident front
for you to see.

Only that
and a demand
for your confidence in me.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

50th Post and Seventh BornDay for Eli!!

Throw some confetti and put on a party hat!! Eli turns 7 tomorrow! And this is the 50th post on this blog. Which is something of a miracle, considering there was a time in my past when I would rather take a beating than let anyone read my poetry!

So tonight's offering is dedicated to the theme of family and motherhood... different from my usual, but that's ok.

Once a physical part of me
still a literal part of me
of my soul, I watch as you grow.

You are a miracle of epic proportions.

The eyes that show what you feel when you feel it,
that give away when you get the joke,
Delight my soul and cause my heart to sing.

The voice so animated with your excitement
over bugs, and snails and rocks,
it's music to my ears.

You are the harmony to my very self.
You are the melody of my being.
You are my song and my son.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Seriously Susanne!!

I not only love to write, I truly love to read. I follow so many blogs and enjoy every one of them. Every now and then, on one of my blogs, I like to take a minute to show some love to a blog/blogger that really rocks my socks.

Today it's Susanne's turn...

Susanne is a young woman with a beautiful, wise old soul! She is something of an inspiration to me. She has handled a lot more in her life than many women three times her age. And she has done it all with grace, dignity and faith!

Susanne writes a blog called "Beauty From Ashes" and IT IS AWESOME!! She writes poetry mostly, but she also has a story to tell of her journey through some treacherous territory in life. I love to read her stuff. She is honest, raw and fearless in her poetry. She examines her life unflinchingly, never turning away from what she sees. I am amazed at her self-perception. I actually kinda envy her that, because she came by it a lot earlier in life than I did. But then again, I'm pretty hard headed.

So do yourself a favor and go check her out. She's a talented and cool chick, and I'm excited to see how she develops and grows, as a writer and as a woman, as time passes.

A Haiku For Susanne

here stands a woman
wisdom not explained by age
youth hides her old soul

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haiku Self Plagarization

Here are a couple of Haiku that I wrote for the Blog Poetry Slam at Naturally Alise's eCrib, Black Woman Lost & Found.... I'm not a Black Woman, but she loves me anyway n lets me come over n play!

feel you in the room
even when you are not here
I can imagine

almost the best part of love
building up my need


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