Friday, October 8, 2010

My Kid is Growing up Kinda Awesome....

So, flash back to Feb, 09… Mean ass momma makes E start taking guitar lessons. A year and change of great tribulation, wailing and gnashing of teeth later, the child has not only started liking his lessons, he has started practicing without nagging. And tonight? Well… Momma is sooooooo proud! E asked me to help him make up a song. He just wanted me to type it up for him and email it to his guitar teacher, Ivas… he totally had the lyrics running around all in his own mental mind! I hope he learns to love poetry the way I do! I don’t think it’s bad at all for a 7 y/o.
E’s song:
Winds blow
Rivers flow
Kites go
And I know
It will be a good day
Because I say
I am happy today.
When I see
sunlight shine
It is a very bright day
And I say
I am happy today.
Because it is a beautiful day


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